Is the End of Gas Powered Cars on the Horizon?

electric vehicles the villages florida

Humankind has lived over a century with gas-powered automobiles. It has changed the course of history on this planet for the good and the bad. With electric-powered vehicles on the rise, could the gasoline-powered cars become a thing of the past? 

Some places in the world have banned cars that are powered by gas, and places like California are looking into that possibility as well. The state is toughening up on pollution, and a ban on internal combustion engines may be the answer for a healthier and more sustainable environment. A bill was even introduced in 2018 that would ban gas-powered cars by 2040, but the California Legislature nixed it. 

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular for saving money on gas, and with less or zero admissions are just better for the environment. Many activists are calling for more public charging stations to help people choose by switching to hybrids and electric vehicles. 

Many countries in Europe are making the switch, and California is the nation's leader in the sale of electric cars. This also keeps many electricians busy installing home electric charging stations for residents all over the state. 

With technology becoming increasingly better and electric cars becoming more affordable, people will naturally want to make the change because of the convenience and cost efficiency. It may be that in the future the only gas powered cars we will see will be in the hands of hobbyist and collectors. 

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