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3 Signs Your Tires Needs To Be Replaced.

3 Signs Your Tires Needs To Be Replaced.

Everyone wants to make sure their vehicles are running safely and in top shape.  Your tires work hard every day and are exposed to the outside elements more than anything else on your car. Like everything, eventually, tires come to the end of their life and need to be replaced. A tire failure can be disastrous, especially at high speeds or in vehicles such as trucks or SUVs. Fortunately, some specific warnings signs tell you it is time to have them replaced.

Take time every month to look for these signs or wear and tear on your tires:

  1. Tread wearing down- All tires have treads designed to help your vehicle have better traction. After a time the tread will start wearing down, even giving your tires a more sleek appearance. This treadwear pattern guide is handy to detect different kinds of wear on your tires. If it is obvious the tread has worn down to the point that your tires are smooth, they should be replaced.
  2. Cracks and bulges- When your tires are nearing the end of their use, cracks will appear on the side wall. This could also signify your tires leak. Also, bulges and blisters will be visible on the surfaces. These weak spots could cause a significant blowout if not caught in time.
  3. Excessive vibration- If you feel your vehicle vibrating more than usual, especially at increased speeds, it could mean they are out of balance or need to be replaced altogether. Tires that are in proper alignment give a smoother ride are better for gas mileage and extend the life of your tires.

Tires should be inspected by an expert at every oil change or when you suspect a problem. You can get many years out of them if they are well taken care of. Accurso Auto Repair is experienced in maintaining and replacing tires for every make and model and will make sure you get the best deal possible.

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