11615 County Road 108, Oxford, FL 34484 • Just west of Wal-Mart in The Villages® community on CR 466

(352) 748-9004


  • from 33 reviews
  • Bill Stamm

3 months ago

Excellent went above and beyond

  • Lucas Cole

4 months ago

Very friendly and honest people! Originally gave me an estimate of a nearly $1000 repair put upon further investigation they realized it didn’t need to be fixed at all. They very easily could’ve done the work anyway and I’d have never known. Great people highly recommend!

  • Anne Harnett

4 months ago

Very honest people here. Knowledgeable

  • Yachira Santiago

5 months ago

The best auto repair shop . They are very hoset and friendly.

  • Winslow Truax

5 months ago

Very good service. THANKs Jason.

  • Brian MacShara

7 months ago

Extremely knowledgeable techs, researched manufacturer notes and bulletins and completed the job accordingly. Very professional and great communication. Would highly recommend this company!!

  • Tommy Funderburk

7 months ago

Vary friendly staff.

  • David Shutts

8 months ago

Most honest people I've ever done business with.

  • Stephen Greenwood

9 months ago

Jason and his crew are one of the most professional and honest service centers I have ever dealt with. They are actually mechanics not just parts changers. I have been taking my cars to them for years and will continue to do so. Thanks for a great job guys!

  • Larry Tressler

11 months ago

They do a great job and are considerably less expensive than a dealership. They also offer a 10% AAA discount.

  • Millard Johnson

11 months ago

I've had two experiences with this place. I bought a used 2002 T-bird that needed AC work. I took it to Key-Scales ford. They gave terrible service. Charged me $150 for a test, told me it would be $1400 and they would have to pull the dash. Afther they kept my car for 5 days, I fired them! I took my car to Accurso. They ordered the part, fixed my car the next day and charged me $400. My next experience was fixing a tail light. I don't know about T-Birds so I took it to Accurso. They charged me $4.50. Bravo. Honest, good, fast.

  • Joy Meyer

11 months ago

As a single older woman, going to an auto repair shop worries me. I’m always afraid I’ll be overcharged. Not at Accurso! I was treated with respect. My car’s problem was explained to me in words I could understand. I’ll go back there for all my auto needs. Thanks guys!

  • John Villyard

1 year ago

I took our car in for a second opinion. This is the most honest shop I have ever dealt with. They found that I certainly did not need the $1,000 repair job that another place had said we did. We will go back to Accurso for anything and everything needed on our car! Thank you!

  • Tasha Rhodes

1 year ago

I trust this place!!

  • Jeannie Schroeder

1 year ago

It's great to have an honest company like this. These guys are number one with me.

  • Dave K

1 year ago

Extremely fair. They looked over my car after it died on the highway. A less honest company could have raked me over the coals. Definitely not the case here! Very greatful my car was towed here.

  • Kirk Schanzenbach

1 year ago

I have dealt with Jason at Accurso Auto several times. He is very good, easy to deal with, helpful, and, most important, honest.

  • Fred Girardini

1 year ago

Quality work at a fair price. Explained every detail of repair work that was completed. Highly recommended for any automotive repairs.

  • Jonathan Tubby

1 year ago

Used them for the first time this week. Quick, friendly and cheap... I’ll be back. Thanks Jason

  • dlh352

1 year ago

Reasonable prices and Honest service

  • James Druin

2 years ago

I have had accurso service my car for several years, the first car I ran well over 100,000 miles and said i was thinking of trading, Jason thought i should not trade so I went several more years, then bought a 2012 auto and am still using it.

  • Clara Sumner

2 years ago

I have been going to Accurso for a couple of years. If you are looking for excellent service, this is the place to go. They are fast and honest. I have recommend several friends to them and all have been extremely satisfied.

  • Riley Elizabeth Heise

2 years ago

i called just to see if they did rim repair, and although they don’t, Jason was very helpful in suggesting some places that may be able to help me. friendly people are a sign of a good business.

  • Kristine Sutherland

2 years ago

I am so happy I found this place. It's hard nowadays to find honest people like the ones here. So kind and very fast service. This will definitely be my place anytime I need work done!!

  • Michael DeHond

2 years ago

GREAT auto repair shop! Fast, thorough and very reasonable!! Highly recommend!

  • Mark McClure

2 years ago

Fair honest trustworthy place to get your car fixed

  • chuck guffey

2 years ago

Excellent professional service at a reasonable price!

  • Stacy Hance

2 years ago

My clutch went out on my Subaru and I had no idea where to go. Accurso was highly recommended and he is one of the best! In and out in no time, and I think it runs better than it ever did before! We will be coming back for anything we need for now on! Thank you

  • Clinton Kennedy

2 years ago

Best vehicle repair in the area. Affordable, quick and very polite

  • Peggy Lowell

2 years ago

Was kind of nervous having my car checked out for the first time in Florida. They changed my oil, added coolant, checked my tires, gave the engine a once-over, and said I was good to go. No surprises. The owner is very nice. Will use these guys again.

  • Cheryl Gaia Eisenlau

2 years ago

The best repair shop in this area. Always gives great service and a kind word. Ladies , Jason is honest and he will keep you informed about maintaining your car in a timely manner. The best.

  • Cynthia Barrs

2 years ago

My rear window motor gave out while I was visiting my folks in the villages and had to be fixed quickly to avoid water damage to interior of the vehicle. Volvo was booked for a month out so I went to Accurso instead and I could not be happier with the result. Window was repaired properly at about 40 percent cheaper than the dealership quoted. Jason and his crew was very knowledgeable and I will be back.

  • William Nendza

4 years ago

Finding an auto mechanic who you fear won't drag you over the coals has always been a concern if mine. That is why I am so glad I found Jason at Accurso Automotive. I've been utilizing Jason for my auto repair for several years and he is awesome. Honest and thorough. I would go to him for any car needs.

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