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Have you ever wondered how the temperature gauge goes up and down on your vehicle? Or why it was cold at one point in your drive and then became hot? Your temperature has to do with your radiator. Without your radiator, your engine will become overheated and will burn up.

Unlike some service shops who only drain we do the following:

  • Replacement/repair of the radiator - Most radiator tanks are made of plastic or thin material. Cracks can occur over time, which causes coolant leaks. If a damaged radiator isn't repaired or replaced, it could lead to overheating and high repair bills.
  • System inspection - Our automotive technicians inspect the entire cooling system. We check for cracks, loose and leaky hoses, corrosion, and any other damage. It is recommended to have it checked once a year or by the recommendation of your vehicle manufacturer.
  • Pressure test for leaks - A pressure test is done on the hoses and radiator cap when a leak is suspected and may be done after the system has been flushed. It is done when a vehicle reaches 100,000 miles or if it may be leaking coolant.
  • Addition of sealant/lubricant - At Accurso Automobile Repair, we remove and flush the radiator then add fresh coolant. If sealants and lubrication run low, your radiator could start to have problems such as coolant leakage and overheating. Additional sealant and lubricant are applied to keep your cooling system running smoothly.
  • Appropriate antifreeze/coolant refill - The antifreeze or coolant mixture must maintain a delicate balance of the water in the system. When these are added to water, it lowers the freezing point and raises the boiling point preventing overheating and freezing. You will receive top-quality coolants to help your cooling system run a peak efficiency.

Contact Jason at Accurso Automobile Repair for all your radiator repair needs.

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Vehicle Recalls

Please select the year, make and model of your vehicle and Accurso Auto Repair will search the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for any active recalls on your vehicle.

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