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Get the most out of your vehicle's A/C this Florida Summer!

Escaping the heat on a long summer day in Florida is a must.  Vehicle's Air conditioner, Florida SummerOne of the easiest and most comfortable ways to cool off is to find some ice cold a/c! This is especially important when driving around, getting from point A to point B. Being stuck in a hot car with just the open windows isn't any Floridian's idea of a comfortable ride, it just gets too hot. So what's the best way to make sure you get the most out of your car's air conditioning on those close to 100 degree days? You'll find all the answers here with a few top tips!

Don't get stuck in a sweaty situation in your car this summer! Florida summers are no joke; it's essential to keep yourself comfortable and not overheated, especially on the road. Buckle up and enjoy ice cold drive in the 100-degree weather today!

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Should I get a vehicle inspection before a road trip?

By: Nicole Stevens

The kids are home for summer break, and you've got some vacation days to use up, so why not drive a few hundred miles to visit a far-away relative, or maybe even attend a national monument? Get a vehicle inspection before road trip.Taking a road trip with the whole gang is a staple in some families. Before you set off on this adventure, making a checklist is probably one of the smartest things to do. At the very top of your list shouldn't be to bring extra underwear or an extra toothbrush, nope, it should be to make sure your vehicle can handle the drive!

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What it means to be a certified NAPA Auto Parts Dealer.

If you want to get the most life out of your vehicle, regular maintenance is critical.Certified NAPA auto parts dealer. Your peace of mind should never be sacrificed in the process. When you see the name "NAPA" on an auto parts dealer shop, you can rest assured you will receive the best in quality and service.

 For a shop to become NAPA certified, they must offer qualifications, expertise, and integrity. NAPA personnel observes each area to ensure that the shop always puts the customer's needs before everything. To remain NAPA certified, the shop must demonstrate that their best foot is always forward.
NAPA manufactures and distributes auto parts for nearly every make and model of domestic, European and Asian vehicles. Also, all NAPA parts shops must offer warranties. Should something go wrong with a NAPA certified auto part, you should have no issue with having it repaired or replaced.

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My car keeps running hot, now what?

Few things are more panic-inducing than watching your car's temperature gauge climb to the top as you're idling, or worse, while you're driving. What to do when car runs hot. Temperature gauge An engine running hot is indicative of a few different possibilities. Before we address those, first remember to follow these safety tips as soon as you realize your temperature gauge is climbing:

1. Pull over to a safe location and turn off your car's engine.

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What should I expect during a routine oil change?

Your car, truck, van or SUV engine will have a much longer lifespan when routine oil changes are part of your vehicle care and maintenance plan. What should I expect during a routine oil change? Oil changes, depending on which service provider you choose, are either simple and basic (lube, oil, and filter job) or include 15 point inspections (checking and refilling other necessary fluids and systems in your vehicle).

Commonly, when taking your vehicle in for a routine oil change, your mechanic may discover problems with your car that you weren't aware of.

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