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How to tell if your car has transmission problems.

It's always important to get your vehicle looked at after that check engine light comes on. How to tell if you have transmission problems in your car. It can be an easy thing to want to ignore, but every time you get in and start it up, it reminds you there's a lurking problem in your car. One of these instances could be something severe, like problems with the transmission. Thankfully there are a few more warning signs than the check engine light to let you know if your transmission is starting to go.

Do you feel a slight slipping when you switch gears? This is one of the first tell-tale signs that your transmission needs fixing. If gone unchecked, it could cause the vehicle to slip into other gears which could end in a lot of damage. If feeling a physical slip isn't as clear, this issue also comes with a loud, irritating noise that's a hard one to ignore.

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How often does my vehicle need a tune-up?

Tune-ups prevent maintenance on your car's engine. How often do vehicles need tune-ups? They are a service that includes the replacement of spark plugs, air filters and possibly a few other items and an oil change. In older cars, tune-ups are needed about every 30,000-45,000 miles. But today with most newer cars they can drive for much longer without a tune-up.

Conventional spark plugs have to be replaced every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Platinum-tipped or Iridium spark plugs usually last for 50,000 to 120,000 miles.

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My check engine light comes on but there is nothing wrong with my car.

You are running late on a Monday morning, and you crank up your car only to have a "check engine light" dinging in your face. Check engine light You wonder to yourself if this is something that should be taken to the mechanic right away or can it wait awhile.

We've all been guilty of driving around for days or even weeks with our check engine light on. How do we know it is something really important or just something minor like the wiper fluid is low?

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Electrical Components Gone Bad.

Something almost everyone who drives will experience the sheer terror of a bright orange light appearing on their dash – the check engine light. Electrical components gone bad in vehicle. It's an ominous premonition that sometimes comes unexpectedly and can sometimes take months, days, or even mere hours to show its impact. Some choose to ignore it and go their way, while others instantly pull into the nearest garage to figure out what's wrong. Chances are if it's not a simple issue like an overdue oil change or maybe even some extra pressure in the tires, it is probably something electrical.

If you're not car smart and also prone to ignoring those lights on your dash, consider this your sign to take it to the nearest professional. This is the first step in figuring out what's going on with the electrical components in your vehicle. A simple diagnostic (which is usually free at any repair shop) will let you and the professional know what's not working anymore and how it can be fixed.

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Why Does My Car Veer To The Right or Left?

Have you ever been driving down a straight road and felt as if you were struggling to keep your wheel centered? Why does my car veer to one side? A slight shift to the right could be normal, but if it feels like your vehicle is pulling to the right or the left, this could be a big problem. There are a few things that can cause your vehicle to veer sharply to the right. The main issues could be the vehicle alignment, tires, or problems with the brakes.

If the issue is the vehicle alignment, it could mean that your tires are no longer set evenly and parallel with one another. An excellent way to realize you need a new alignment is to think back to when the vehicle last had it done. If you can't remember, it's time to get that done! Other indicators that your alignment is slipping is an unpleasant screeching sound from the tires being out of place, a crooked/hard to turn the steering wheel, and uneven wear along the tire tread, showing how uneven the alignment is.

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