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Let's talk about your suspension – you know, the system that connects your wheels to your vehicle, controls your handling and delivers a good ride as you cruise around. Your suspension is critical for proper steering, stopping and stability.

Hey, it's a rough world out there – every time you hit a pothole, a bump or an object in the road, your suspension system has to absorb the impact and maintain control.

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Power Steering Maintenance

Power steering service includes a thorough cleaning of the system and inspection of all the parts. The steering system and the suspension system work in tandem - an alignment service at Accurso Automotive Repair also includes an inspection of steering components.

In addition to protecting parts, properly maintaining your power steering system is necessary for keeping everyone safe - you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road.

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Selecting Tires

Let's look at selecting new tires in light of three factors: Function, Fit, and Value.

Function: This gets at what your needs are for new tires: weather conditions, location, temperatures, etc.

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Your Water Pump

When you continue driving when your engine's overheating you risk a catastrophic engine failure. It really is a good idea to pull over and let your vehicle engine cool down before driving again. If you add water or coolant, be sure your engine is cool or you risk serious burns

Now there's no way for drivers to know when their water pump will fail – they just wear out. This fellow's water pump replacement was more because his water pump is driven by his timing belt. That requires a lot of hours to get to the water pump and then put everything back on the engine.

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Transmission Service

Next to your engine, your transmission is the most component in your vehicle – so you and your fellow drivers want to do all you can to avoid transmission repairs.

Drivers may have noticed a trend of engines becoming more and more powerful in recent years. At the same time, has been improving in nearly every motor vehicle segment in FL. More power and better have always been at odds. Some of the improvement in has been due to engine design, but most of the increases in can be credited to s' advances in transmission technology.

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