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How do I find out if my vehicle has any recalls?

By: Nicole Stevens

Keeping yourself safe while driving is incredibly essential. Find out if your vehicle has been recalled.From keeping yourself undistracted and focused, to make sure your tires have the correct pressure, being safe on the road should be your number one priority. That being said, it's important to know the most up to date information on your vehicle. This is especially true with newer models that have ever-changing qualities. Every once in a while you're sure to see a news bulletin about a recalled vehicle for some various reason, but do you think you know about all the current recalls out there? Gain peace of mind and do your own research to discover if your vehicle has any possible recalls.

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5 car repairs to always leave to a professional.

In days past, it was not uncommon for people to pop the hood of their car and fix everything themselves, but with today's ever-changing world of automotive technology, DIY repairs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. 5 car repairs to always leave to a professionalHere are five car repairs you should always leave in the hands of a professional, certified auto mechanic:

1. Diagnostics - check engine diagnostics deal with the computer within your car. Trying to perform a "quick fix" by just turning the light off not only doesn't fix the problem but also leaves room for many more issues to occur without you knowing.

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5 easy tricks to improve gas mileage.

By: Nicole Stevens

The best things in life are free and everything that glitters is not gold.Easy tricks to improve gas mileage Those old sayings can relate to so many different things, and sometimes even go hand in hand. A perfect example of that would be something as simple as getting better gas mileage in your vehicle. There are plenty of products out there stating they can improve the gas mileage in your car over time, but the truth is that there is no special product that can deliver those kinds of promises. What can help improve gas mileage in your car is simple, non-harmful to the vehicle, and also absolutely 100% free of charge. Why it almost sounds too good to be true, butreally all it is is simple maintenance of the vehicle along with driving safely.  

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