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High Tech Autos Can Cause Higher Repair Prices.

High Tech Autos Can Cause Higher Repair Prices.

Most of us have had to deal with expensive car repairs in our lifetime of driving. Along with that, most of us have had our fair share of costly computer/phone repairs as well. So what happens when a high-tech automobile starts to have wear and tear? It can mean an even bigger bill when the two are combined. Some repairs on that fancy souped-up and loaded vehicle could cost you the price of a brand new less tech-equipped car!

It's an exciting thing to get a new vehicle, and with modern technology, all those extra bells and whistles can seal the deal. High-tech automobiles have come a long way as they always have new things added to the "extras" list in production. All's well and good until these little extras start breaking down and they leave you with upwards of $35k in repairs. While most of those extras are optional and for pure entertainment purposes only, there are new tech-driven extras whose primary goal is to ensure safety (automatic e-brakes, collision warnings, blind-spot warning/detection, etc.). These features have saved many people from what could have been fatal accidents, but when it comes to fixing them after the said accident, it adds up.

The most prolific example of this is an excerpt from John Van Alstyne, the CEO/President of a nonprofit focused vehicle repair education [(I-Car) Lawrence - DFP]. He used the Kia K900 as his main exhibit; a new model filled to the brim with technology that surrounds the vehicle's front and sides. This specific model had a sufficient amount of damage from a left front corner hit, and the repair cost was roughly $34k. At this point, all those extras seem a little, well, extra.

The cost of high-tech auto repairs is steadily on the rise, increasing by nearly 2% each year. The more advancements in automobile technology mean more extras for new products and new to-come models. While these advancements are enjoyable and life-saving, they are putting a dent in consumer's wallets when accidents do happen. The best advice to follow would be to pay close attention while driving and practice safe driving skills. No matter what kind of car you drive, you will find state of the art auto repair at low prices at Accurso Auto Repair

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