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5 easy tricks to improve gas mileage.

5 easy tricks to improve gas mileage.

By: Nicole Stevens

The best things in life are free and everything that glitters is not gold. Those old sayings can relate to so many different things, and sometimes even go hand in hand. A perfect example of that would be something as simple as getting better gas mileage in your vehicle. There are plenty of products out there stating they can improve the gas mileage in your car over time, but the truth is that there is no special product that can deliver those kinds of promises. What can help improve gas mileage in your car is simple, non-harmful to the vehicle, and also absolutely 100% free of charge. Why it almost sounds too good to be true, butreally all it is is simple maintenance of the vehicle along with driving safely.  

Here are a few pointers on getting control of your gas mileage and making the most of it:

  • Maintenance of the vehicle is just an overall good idea to keep the vehicle running smoothly for as long as it can. Although it is not a huge factor in better gas mileage, it could be a spoke in the wheel down the line if not inspected from time to time.
  • Mind your foot. A heavy foot could lead to a heavy use of fuel that isn't necessary. Hard acceleration and hard breaking are gas mileage killers. Avoiding these as much as possible will save you on gas usage.
  • The faster you go, the more gas goes too! Keep your speeds under 60 mph (where applicable) at the most. Going faster results in a poorer fuel economy. Ideally, it should be more around 45 mph, even on highways.
  • Tire pressure can make a difference. Make sure to get them checked regularly.
  • Got a roof rack? Get rid of it! If it's not needed during your daily travels, a removed roof rack gets rid of the drag it causes, which then causes worse mpg.
    Following these steps will ensure you have better gas mileage in no time. No miracle product can do that!

These are great tips to get a little more gas for your dollar; but if you are doing all you can and you are still getting poor gas mileage, something more serious could be going happening with your vehicle. Don't hesitate to contact Accurso Auto Repair for a free estimate and we will help you get your car back in shape again. 

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