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Some auto repair work should not be DIY projects.

Some auto repair work should not be DIY projects.

In days past, it was not uncommon for people to pop the hood of their car and fix everything themselves, but with today's ever-changing world of automotive technology, DIY repairs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. While we definitely encourage learning as much as you can about your vehicle and even knowing how to perform basic maintenance, many repairs on newer cars require precision instruments. Here are five car repairs you should always leave in the hands of a professional, certified auto mechanic:

1. Diagnostics - check engine diagnostics deal with the computer within your car. Trying to perform a "quick fix" by just turning the light off not only doesn't fix the problem but also leaves room for many more issues to occur without you knowing.

2. Tire Rotation - by nature, this task sounds as simple as putting your car on a jack and switching the wheels around. In reality, though, tire rotation service is much more than that. Tire service includes rebalancing, checking for uneven wear and sidewall or tread damage. Diagnosing tire problems requires the eye of a seasoned professional focused on keeping you safe on the road.

3. Air Conditioner Fill - the AC system in your car is sealed, which means if you need Freon, something in the system is leaking. Without fixing the problem, adding Freon is just putting a band-aid on an open wound. You can damage or even burn up your compressor if the root problem is not addressed by a professional.

4. Internal Repairs of your Engine - no matter how much knowledge you possess of the internal combustion engine and all of its nuts and bolts, if you drive a car that was built in the last 25 years, you need to leave the repair of its engine to the professionals. With on-board computers, electronic systems, and new technology, getting under there and messing around is likely to cause you a world of trouble.

5. Suspension Issues - Messing with the alignment specs of your car is an extreme safety hazard. Your suspension system is what keeps your car in between the lines on the road and what keeps you safe. Installing new components or upgrading the system without the assistance of a professional risks both the longevity of your car and yourpersonal safety.

When you need an expert auto mechanic, Accurso Auto Repair is ready to assist in any repairs your vehicle may need. Contact us any time for a free estimate for your car. 

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