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My car keeps running hot, now what?

Few things are more panic-inducing than watching your car's temperature gauge climb to the top as you're idling, or worse, while you're driving. What to do when car runs hot. Temperature gauge An engine running hot is indicative of a few different possibilities. Before we address those, first remember to follow these safety tips as soon as you realize your temperature gauge is climbing:

1. Pull over to a safe location and turn off your car's engine.

2. Let the car cool down. Do not open the hood or remove the radiator cap while the car is still hot, or you risk severe injury and burns.

3. Once the radiator cap is cool to the touch, use a towel to slowly twist the cap open, paying very close attention to avoid hot steam burns.

4. If needed, fill coolant to the top of the radiator and replace the cap.

5. Be sure none of your engine's hoses are blocked, broken, or disconnected.

6. Restart your engine and watch the temperature gauge. If it remains at an optimal level, drive immediately to your mechanic. If it stays high or begins to climb again, turn off the engine and contact roadside assistance.

Driving an overheated car that does not cool down after using coolant, often leads to permanent, irreparable damage in your car's engine. When in doubt, please make sure to contact Accurso Automobile Repair to ask for instructions on how to proceed.

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