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How often should my tires be rotated?

Your car is an integral part of your life, and you care about maintaining it and keeping it on the road for as long as possible, which means you know the importance having your tires regularly rotated. How often should my tires be rotated?

Tire rotation evens out tire wear and provides your car with better handling and traction. But what constitutes "regular intervals?"

Well, for most vehicles, the rule of thumb recommended by most major tire manufacturers is having your tires rotated about every 7500 miles or every six months. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule and it is always best to refer to your car's owner's manual.

The recommended number depends on what you drive, how you drive, and how far you drive. One way to simplify things is to make it a habit to have your tires rotated with each oil change.

What does a tire rotation service include?

Tire rotation service consists of swapping the front tires to the rear, and the rear tires to the front. If your car is a front wheel drive vehicle, your front tires are your drive tires and work harder than the others, causing them to wear out faster. By rotating your tires evenly, you distribute the load and burden among all four tires for more even wearing, and safer driving.

If you think it is time for a a tire rotation contact the experts at Accurso Auto Repair.

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