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What will driving in The Villages® Community look like in 10 years?

What will driving in The Villages® Community look like in 10 years?

Years ago when we looked to the future of the automobile, we always imagined we would be getting around town in flying cars by now.  Sadly that is not the case, but the future looks bright and green when it comes to driving in the future in The Villages® Community.

Ten years is a long way when it comes to technology; just look how far the cell phone has come in the last ten years. Now imagine what is in store in the next ten years. Automobiles are changing for the better at a lesser pace, but it also takes a while for consumers to change over to new ideas.

The future of cars has always been with the electric vehicle and hybrids. The residents of The Villages® Community are unique to most of the world because many of them use electric golf carts as their second vehicle. A golf cart is a great way to get around, save on fuel, and save the planet. So in a sense, Villagers have been using electric vehicles way longer than most of the country.

When it comes to transportation, all the buzz is in self-driving cars. Imagine not having to worry about driving yourself. You could sit back, read a book, check your social media status, watch a video, all while safely traveling to your destination.

Many people worry about how safe self-driving cars will be. With all the testing and perfecting done by companies studying these groundbreaking technologies, they are already proving to be more reliable than vehicles driven by actual human beings. Computers don't get distracted, and will even be communicating with other self-driving vehicles in their vicinities to maintain safe distances. Fatalities and injuries from accidents will fall dramatically because human error will be removed from the equation.

In the future ride sharing and self-driving, Ubers will be a common occurrence. Want to save money on car payments, insurance, and gas? Ditch your vehicle and summon an all-electric self-driving car from your phone. A fleet of autonomous cars will be waiting to be dispatched to your location. They will even be able to schedule a pick up at your home at the same time every day!

Of course, many people are old fashion and like to drive themselves and feel in control of their car. In ten years we will still be able to drive our cars if we choose, but we will have to option of switching it to autopilot.

All new ideas take time to catch on, but I believe the future will be a fantastic place for The Villages® Community!

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