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5 Tips for your vehicle's transmission.

By: Nicole Stevens

There has been a time in almost everyone's lives where the check engine light came on in their vehicle, and they ignored it and prayed it would eventually just go away. 5 Tips for vehicle transmission.Sometimes it can be something super minor, such as leaving the gas cap open while driving. Other times, it can be a warning of danger to come, and that danger could be lurking in your vehicle's transmission. Here you will find the top five indicators that the transmission is starting to fail:

1. Shifting roughly. Shifting gears should be a smooth process, but if your vehicle is beginning to feel like hiccups in between shifting, it could be the beginning of the end for the transmission

2. Maybe your shifting isn't rough enough. Now, rough isn't how you want your transmission to feel, but neither is a slippery transmission. If it feels like you're slipping into gears while in another gear, this is a big sign to watch for.

3. Leaking fluids. This is a big red flag in general for any part of a vehicle. If it's leaking transmission fluid, it should be checked out immediately for the source of the leak.

4. Sounds and smells. Transmissions in trouble will typically give a horrible grinding sound between shifting gears. The smell is very distinct as well, it gives off a sweet praline odor, or even sometimes very tart.

5. Even though it was mentioned earlier, it bears mentioning again; pay attention to your check engine light!!! If you can't spot the problem (such as an unfastened gas cap), then it's time for a professional to check everything for you. The quicker a check engine light is addressed, the less stress and money will be spent in the future.

If you've experienced any of these in your daily commute, it may be time to pull into a garage and pop the hood. The longevity of your car, and wallet will thank you later.

As always Accurso Auto Repair is here when your check engine light comes on and for all of your vehicle repair needs. 

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