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What should I expect during a routine oil change?

Your car, truck, van or SUV engine will have a much longer lifespan when routine oil changes are part of your vehicle care and maintenance plan. What should I expect during a routine oil change? Oil changes, depending on which service provider you choose, are either simple and basic (lube, oil, and filter job) or include 15 point inspections (checking and refilling other necessary fluids and systems in your vehicle).

Commonly, when taking your vehicle in for a routine oil change, your mechanic may discover problems with your car that you weren't aware of.

Basic "lube, oil, and filter" jobs include:

  • Draining all of your old oil and replacing it with new oil
  • Replacing your old oil filter with a new one
  • Lubricating your vehicle's chassis

Your vehicle's oil filter prevents dirt, dust, rust, and other particles from reaching the rest of your vehicle's system. All filters in all vehicles get dirty and need to be replaced, so changing the filter is considered standard in most oil change packages.

Types of oil

There are several reasons why, when scheduling your oil change, your mechanic may ask which kind of oil you use in your vehicle. Among the reasons the mechanic asks are:

  • To let you choose between "basic" oil and synthetic
  • Synthetic offers better protection
  • Motor oil is available in a variety of different thicknesses
  • There may be an option available for your vehicle that differs from what your vehicle's manufacturer recommends

Your mechanic wants to keep your car on the road for as long as possible, just like you do. Ask the expert mechanics at Accurso Automobile Repair what's best for your car. You don't always need the most expensive oil on the market.

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