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How do I find out if my vehicle has any recalls?

By: Nicole Stevens

Keeping yourself safe while driving is incredibly essential. Find out if your vehicle has been recalled.From keeping yourself undistracted and focused, to make sure your tires have the correct pressure, being safe on the road should be your number one priority. That being said, it's important to know the most up to date information on your vehicle. This is especially true with newer models that have ever-changing qualities. Every once in a while you're sure to see a news bulletin about a recalled vehicle for some various reason, but do you think you know about all the current recalls out there? Gain peace of mind and do your own research to discover if your vehicle has any possible recalls.

How do I find out if my vehicle has any recalls? Visit http://www.nhtsa.gov , click on "Recalls" or find the "recall" icon on Accursoauto.com and you will find a list of instructions to begin your search. This search will require the VIN (vehicle identification number) of the vehicle in question. It's a straightforward process and covers any recalls made in the past 15 years. This search will also include safety recalls that are incomplete. If you have a foreign car, it is best to check with that manufacturer directly as this search does not include international models.

What is the process of recalling a vehicle? It all starts with the consumer. Complaints about the vehicle or safety concerns should always be made to NHTSA. Here they are reviewed and logged and based on the number of complaints received; an investigation will be conducted. At the end of the investigation, it is found to be either fine or faulty and the manufacturer responsible than are required to notify consumers as well as fix, replace, or refund for the faulty issue.

My vehicle has a recall! What do I do? Find any information you can on the recall. Is it mandatory? Is there a large risk without fixing this? Usually, it's best just to get it taken care of, especially since it will be no cost to you. The only inconvenience is possibly not having your vehicle for a few hours. But a few hours is a small price to pay for a completely safe vehicle!

Keep the above website bookmarked so you can frequently check back and make sure your vehicle is still in the clear. Though a recall may not always sound serious, it's good to have your vehicle up to date with the latest the manufacturer has to offer. And don't forget, it could save your life!

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