5 Awesome New Car Technologies

Between Knight Rider's KITT car and Back to The Future's DeLorean, we've been waiting so long for a car that runs on clean fuel that we can talk to.New car technology. Smart cars. Well, our Batmobile is almost here, my friends!

Check out what's currently new and coming soon.

Smart Technology
Connective apps allowing you to remotely lock and unlock the doors, check the status of fuel, oil and tire pressure, and remotely start the car are widely used, but some are on a subscription-based service that varies from dealer to dealer. There's also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Plugin your smartphone to access music, maps, and your phone's built-in voice-control features, thus avoiding the often-over-complicated system that comes with the car. Stolen Vehicle Tracking Software recovers nearly fifty percent of all stolen autos, and the number continues to rise. Criminals, beware.

Alternative Fuels
With America's cash crops being corn and soy, creating renewable fuels, including biodiesel and ethanol, have made significant inroads on the principle that we can always grow more. Soybeans provide the raw material for biodiesel while corn is used to produce ethanol. Today, several technologies compete to replace our current dependence on fossil fuels, which are environmentally unfriendly and will eventually run out. Electric Vehicles (EV) are becoming popular, with EV charging stations popping up all over.

360 Degree Cameras
According to insurance research, low-speed crashes and parking remain the number one source of accidents. Using a 360-degree camera to show how close you are to the side of the garage may save a world of aggravation and dent.

Adaptive Cruise Control
It's frustrating to be on cruise control and hit a reduced speed zone or have a slower driver suddenly cut you off. Adaptive cruise control can make driving less stressful. Using an array of sensors built into the car, adaptive cruise control matches the speed of the vehicle in front of you, meaning you don't need to hit the gas and brake in highway traffic continually. Some systems allow a complete halt for heavy stop-and-go travel.

Collision Avoidance
Seat belts, airbags, and a growing list of standard safety features such as anti-lock brakes and stability control make driving today safer than ever.

Automatic Emergency Braking. Some cars already offer AEB, which uses a variety of sensors to determine if a forward collision crash is imminent and automatically applies the brakes to diminish the severity or avoid a collision entirely. It's meant as a last resort if the driver isn't paying attention and can be extremely alarming when it kicks in, but with texting and driving so prevalent, it seems necessary. Speaking of, Lane Departure Warning is available as well. Using cameras, it alerts the driver using a visual, audio, or vibrating steering wheel notification if you've drifted too far out of your lane.

Teen Technology
The mere idea of your teenager behind the wheel can bring on a cold sweat, but there's some new tech that will ease anxiety levels. Several cars have some teen driver limitations built-in while will notify you if the vehicle is driven over a certain speed, disable the stereo if seatbelts aren't used, and even keep the sound system from being turned up past 7. No full blasting radio! Chevrolet's Teen Driver offers a Report Card letting parents know all the details, such as if safety systems like ABS or forward collision alert have been triggered while your kidlet was at the helm.

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