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Get the most out of your vehicle's A/C this Florida Summer!

Escaping the heat on a long summer day in Florida is a must.  Vehicle's Air conditioner, Florida SummerOne of the easiest and most comfortable ways to cool off is to find some ice cold a/c! This is especially important when driving around, getting from point A to point B. Being stuck in a hot car with just the open windows isn't any Floridian's idea of a comfortable ride, it just gets too hot. So what's the best way to make sure you get the most out of your car's air conditioning on those close to 100 degree days? You'll find all the answers here with a few top tips!

  • The less sunlight, the cooler it will be! Now of course when you're driving, you can't control the amount of shade you're traveling through. But when it comes time to park or make a short pit stop, it's smart to keep a sun visor(s) that fit across the windshield tucked away to use in just this sort of situation. It's self-explanatory really, the visor reflects any direct sunlight that would generally shine through your windshield and in turn heat up the whole interior of the car.
  • Check your vents! Does it feel like the air isn't flowing as much through your vents, but the a/c is set on the lowest setting? Make sure nothing is blocking the vents, like some small trash that could have come from a wrapper or something similar. Also, make sure the vents near you are pointed directly at you, and if you're traveling by yourself, you can close the vents on the passenger side and get more airflow on the driver's side.
  • Stay at the speed limit! Besides traveling at a recommended safe speed to keep you and others safe on the road, it also helps your a/c running smoothly. Accelerating too quickly in some cars causes the a/c to suffer, blowing air that's not cold because all the power is now focused on going faster rather than functioning the cold air.
  • Check cabin air filter for any debris. This may cause a blockage in cold air reaching you on your drive. A quick fix to get a new filter will keep your car a cool drive anywhere you go.
  • Fluids are essential too! Freon or R-134 refrigerant is the lifeblood of the a/c system, and it can't work if those fluids are too low or no longer there. Again there will be air blowing, but it won't be the least bit cold if you're out of these essential fluids.

Don't get stuck in a sweaty situation in your car this summer! Florida summers are no joke; it's essential to keep yourself comfortable and not overheated, especially on the road. Buckle up and enjoy ice cold drive in the 100-degree weather today!

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