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Your exhaust system can make your car louder.

If you're finding yourself turning up your radio to drown out a loud sound from your muffler, it's time to get to the mechanic. If your car is loud it could be your exhaust. Having your exhaust system repaired before it gets too loud is going to save you money in the long run.

Catalytic Converter
If you notice your car making a sound like someone shaking a box of rocks, when your car is idling, you may have a missing catalytic converter. Sadly, the catalytic converter is prone to theft by thieves, as it is one of the most expensive exhaust system parts. If the problem is your catalytic converter, you'll notice a loud sound and diminished performance immediately when you start your vehicle.

Exhaust Leak
If you notice a loss of power or new vibration in your steering wheel, car seat, or foot pedals, your exhaust system needs to be checked. Depending on the size of the leak, you may or may not be able to hear a rumbling sound. Exhaust leaks or disconnected exhaust components also signal your engine is not running optimally.

Increased Fuel Use
If you're finding that you need to fill up your gas tank more frequently than usual, have a professional take a look at your exhaust system. Like vibrations, increased fuel use signals an issue with your vehicle. When your exhaust system leaks, your engine works harder, requiring more gas.

It is always a good idea to have your car checked as soon as you detect a problem. Click here to get a free estimate from Accurso Auto Repair. 

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