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What does it mean when my car squeals when stopping?

Brake squealing occurs for many reasons. What does it mean when my car squeals when stopping?Most brake pads begin making noise when they have worn down to their last 25%. This squealing noise is often an indication that it's time for a brake inspection and possible replacement.

Brake squeals occur for reasons other than worn out pads, though. Moisture causes brake rotors (made of unfinished metal) to rust very quickly. This is normal and leads to a grinding sound, which lasts until the rust is removed from the surface. Frequent, hard braking generates heat, which glazes brake pads and causes a squealing brake sound.

Common causes of squealing brakes include:

  • Worn out brake pads
  • Rusted brake rotors
  • Frequent, hard braking
  • Long-life brake pads      

A good start to discovering the problem is keeping track of your car's service intervals. Typically, a set of front brake pads lasts about 30,000 miles, while a set of rear brake pads lasts about twice that long. Getting a visual inspection of your brake pads when your tires are rotated is also good practice since tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles for longest service.

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